Favorite song per year!

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Favorite song per year!

Post by incessantmace »

Thought I might start doing this since we talked about this in the other thread :) I'll start with the decade of grunge cause I can't think of enough songs for the other decades right now lol :lol:

1990: King's X - It's Love
1991: Sting - The Wild Wild Sea
1992: Chris Cornell - Seasons
1993: Paw - Jessie
1994: Kyuss - Whitewater
1995: Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
1996: Soundgarden - Burden in my Hand
1997: Radiohead - Polyethylene
1998: Pearl Jam - Faithfull
1999: Muse - Overdue
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Re: Favorite song per year!

Post by XsInMyEyes »

If you are starting with this decade, I might as well do the same
1990: Mother Love Bone, "Come bite the Apple"
1991: Soundgarden, "Slaves and Bulldozers"
1992: Alice in Chains, "Rain when I Die"
1993: Nirvana, "Frances Farmer will have her Revenge on Seattle"
1994: Manic Street Preachers, "PCP"
1995: Mad Season, "River of Deceit"
1996: Pearl Jam, "Smile"
1997: Foo Fighters, "Everlong"
1998: Deep Purple, "Any fule Kno That"
1999: Tom Waits, "Hold on"
Im going to do my upmost to have a unique artist for every individual year. With this one, that isnt too taxing
My 1990 entry is because my favorite Love Bone song, "Mindshaker Meltdown" wasn't on Apple being on the 1989 Shine Ep. I know Love Bone through the s.t 1992 record, constituting both Apple and Shine.
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