Getting Malware Warning

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Getting Malware Warning

Post by Y2K-kyle »

All I was doing was going to the third page of Sorlag's intro thread so I can read a post and I get this warning from my anti-virus software. So any ideas?
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otherimprov wrote:
Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:17 am
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Re: Getting Malware Warning

Post by Sorlag »

I got it too, I think it's in someone's signature who posted in my introduction.

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Re: Getting Malware Warning

Post by subpop1999 »

I got it as well...
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Re: Getting Malware Warning

Post by KristinNirvana »

I've seen that on other threads. I think someone spammed the board a while back with malware, and they tried to clean it up but didn't get all of it.
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