Google sucks but at least one spammer got in trouble

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Google sucks but at least one spammer got in trouble

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This may be more interesting to web developers than everyone else, but it is a story about someone who spammed our board getting in trouble with Google. Some of you may appreciate that.

A long long time ago, Google decided they would rank websites in their search results based on how many links pointed to that site. People started paying for links to get their websites higher in Google's search results. Now Google likes to decide to blacklist websites that have too many links. So these days, I get lots of requests to remove links usually from my travel blog Google sees a link, decides it is a bad link, punishes whoever I linked to. A lot of the links I end up removing are natural links - links I put online because I liked the website or whatever. These are the links Google says they like.

But Google is run by morons. They don't realize that they can't tell the difference between links I put up because I liked the website and links people put up because they got paid. So usually I am just wasting my time removing perfectly good links to sites i actually wanted to link to.

But this morning, I get an email from some idiots who must have spammed this board at one time. It's nice to see Google actually found a bad link and punished a spammer. They may be batting about 1 for 1000 but at least they got one.
I work for the company: SPECSUPERSTORE.COM

Our site has been penalized by Google because of a handful of back links
pointing to our site (we have lost 80% of our traffic). I have opened a
line of communication with their WebSpam team and am working to clear the


We have isolated the back links causing our penalty which we need to have
removed, ONE is from your site and I need to get that link taken down asap.

Heres the thing...

In order to get out of the penalty they have asked me to submit to them all
the paid or unnatural links which are currently pointing to our site and in
the next 5 days I will be submitting to them this list and unfortunately
your site is included.


If you can take the links down to: http://WWW.SPECSUPERSTORE.COM then of course I
will be able to leave your site off that list.

I really don't want to be the cause of a penalty to you, nor report anyone
else's website to Google hence I'm reaching out to you now, and if you can
get that link taken down ASAP then of course I won't include your site when
I report back to them!

Where Exactly Are These Links Which Need Removing?

Specifically the links on the following page which link back to us are
located here:

I really hope you understand the position we find ourselves in, we truly
appreciate your assistance in the past for including the link to us and
would really appreciate it now if you can take the link down!

If you want to chat this through please get in touch.

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Re: Google sucks but at least one spammer got in trouble

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So they spammed this site, and they want those posts to be removed because they're getting in trouble for it?
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