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Re: :shock:

Post by sadie »

incessantmace wrote:Check these out (GrungeFM *sniff*)

I WANT THEM :shock:
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Re: :shock:

Post by Schneider »

I want the first 22!!

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Re: :shock:

Post by Checks »

j-bug wrote::weird:

you stay because of the smilies? :shock:

That's partly why i stay here.. i like the smilies here..
evee103 wrote:Welcome to the United States of Fuckery, where shit is fucked.

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Re: :shock:

Post by evee103 »

I think we should keep our existing ones, but add a bunch of new ones.

Because instead of saying I puked today, I could just use this: Image

I really did puke my brains out today.
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Re: :shock:

Post by Luciditypro »

D: pictures? :P
Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

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Re: :shock:

Post by PJAICfan »

incessantmace wrote:Check these out (GrungeFM *sniff*)
Can we have these?
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Re: :shock:

Post by incessantmace »

PJAICfan wrote:
incessantmace wrote:Check these out (GrungeFM *sniff*)
Can we have these?
j-bug wrote:PM James.
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